Meet Eddie!

The smallest, cutest lil nugget.

A Hyper Squirrel of a Puppy with a Big ol' Heart of Gold

UPDATE! Eddie sketti found his forever family!!

Eddie was a hard one to say goodbye to but his human siblings made us these cards and my heart basically exploded knowing we did indeed, make the perfect decision.

He’s off the the bestest adventures and he’s already getting 3x (at least!) more love than we could give him.

We pulled Eddie to foster, from Pound Buddies in Muskegon, MI in July of 2023. We estimate he is about 3 months old.

How’d Eddie End Up at the Shelter?

We do not know very much as to the how and why Eddie came to the shelter but it was reported that he was found as a stray.

Get to Know Eddie

Once known as “Squirrel”, Eddie has charmed everyone with his quick, darting squirrel-like energy. This delightful male Chihuahua mix, with a radiant shade of brown fur, was born on 4/16/2023, making him a young lad full of zest! Weighing in at just 5lbs, he’s the perfect size for snuggles and adventures.

Eddie’s well-mannered at home. He’s both house and crate trained, and while he’s still mastering the art of walking gracefully on a leash, he’s eager to learn with a patient companion by his side. In terms of energy, Eddie strikes a perfect balance with a medium level; he’s always ready for play, especially with his favorite activities like mingling with other dogs, racing around open spaces, and enjoying his cherished chew toys.

Socially, Eddie’s a star! He cherishes time with kids, coexists peacefully with cats, and absolutely loves playing with other dogs. This little gentleman, while full of joyful energy, has a soft side too. When he’s ready to wind down, there’s nothing more he loves than to be held and cuddled, enjoying the company of those he loves.

In a nutshell, Eddie is searching for a loving home where he can share his boundless love and squirrel-inspired antics. No special adoption requirements on his end—just a family ready for laughter, fun, and the occasional squirrel chase in the backyard!

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